Sunday, August 29, 2010

Eating Vegan on the VEGAS strip.

ELVIS ok nothing to do with food...but its ELVIS

 A Vegan Bocca very good
 Guacamole...need I say more? My love affair with the avocado continues
 Veggie pizza, no cheese
Avocado and Veggie roll, with hot sauce. We were really hungry so this is really the left overs
Roasted Veggie wrap with GUACAMOLE!! yep love avocados

We had some great food. Roasted veggie wrap at the Paris hotel was amazing! Even in the airport we could have a veggie sub from quizno's. (minus cheese of course) Yam fries...mmmmm. We were shocked though at the portion sizes. WOW you americans sure serve up BIG portions. When we ordered a wrap there was no "whole wheat" choice, we could choose bread but only white. White bread, white bagel, white roll. Once when we were being served, we were told our meal comes with fries or onion rings, we said "no thanks" the server was confused. He said "but they are free, they come with" 
What a great 4 days in the Vegas! Love the weather. Even walking around at 11PM its warm and beautiful. 

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