Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dinner March 31st Udon Noodles and Asparagus

I love Udon noodles. Comfort food.
Tonight I stir fried onion and green cabbage added the cooked udon noodles. I spiced it with cayenne pepper, salt and pepper. For the side I fried asparagus with oil and garlic. Crispy and so good. Tonights dinner is about 250 - 300 calories.


  1. Looks good C! We had asparagus tonight too, I love asparagus, that and zucchini are my fav veg I think :) Can you get udon noodles at Extra Foods? Do they call it that?

  2. My two fav veggies too!!! Steph bought them and I stole them. Don't tell her! I will ask where she got them. And yes they are called Udon Noodles. She bought the uncooked ones and they come in this cute bundles.